Therapy and Counseling for Individuals

Everyone can use a little extra support when handling life’s challenges — and one way to get it is by talking with a professional. Current research, as well as ancient wisdom, shows that verbalizing feelings makes anger, sadness and pain less intense. Treatment with counseling and therapy helps improve mood and health.


In the first session, your therapist will work with you to evaluate the issues you would like to address and the best approach for your therapy. We can provide shorter term, solution-focused counseling or longer term therapy to address patterns and problems that are causing the distress.  Our highly-trained and experienced therapists provide a calm, confidential, and caring environment to help you explore the issues and begin to heal. As a multi-disciplinary group, River City Clinic also offers the ability to use the expertise of other disciplines such as marriage or couples counseling, child psychologists, family therapy, etc. to work with you and those who care for you.

Professional Staff

Our staff of trained and experienced Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Professional Clinical Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Drug and Alcohol Counselors provide individual counseling and psychotherapy, psychological testing and evaluation, couples and marital counseling, family counseling, and group counseling for people of all ages. We use a variety of approaches including Person Centered CBT, Supportive Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Motivation Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy, or an integrative approach using a combination of these and other treatments.

Therapy and Counseling for Individuals

“Pain serves a purpose. Without it you are in danger. What you cannot feel you cannot take care of.” 

― Rebecca Solnit